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Love Your Smile With Expert Teeth Whitening

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Professional teeth whitening is a well-proven, safe and effective way to enhance your smile.

Many of us find that our teeth colour has dulled over time.  This can be due to dietary factors with coffee, tea and red wine being the main culprits, habits such as smoking or it can simply be a part of the ageing process. 

A simple course


5 ways to look after your children’s teeth

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The vast majority of dental disease is preventable. By establishing good oral health habits in your child’s early years and into their teenage years, you can help ensure they do not suffer the ongoing impacts of dental disease later in life. Dr Erin Callahan presents, 5 ways to look after your children’s teeth.

How to ensure


A great dentist for kids: James Street Dental

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Along with our Tooth Warriors Program, the team at Geelong’s James Street Dental will help make your child’s check-up a great experience. We promise.

As parents, we want to choose the very best dentist for our kids.  At James Street Dental, as well as providing excellent dentistry, we aim to make each child’s


Why should I visit the dentist every six months?

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Regardless of our age, we can all benefit from regular dental visits advises the team from James Street Dental, Geelong. 

Maintaining dental hygiene is important for everyone.  It’s not just for your dental health, but also for your overall general wellbeing.

Your child’s first dental visit 

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