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A great dentist for kids: James Street Dental

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Along with our Tooth Warriors Program, the team at Geelong’s James Street Dental will help make your child’s check-up a great experience. We promise.

As parents, we want to choose the very best dentist for our kids.  At James Street Dental, as well as providing excellent dentistry, we aim to make each child’s visit to the dentist, a positive, rewarding and educational experience.  We have an outstanding team of dental practitioners and staff who love dealing with children and who have many years of experience treating children of all ages.

What is James Street Dental’s Tooth Warriors program?

As part of your child’s visit to James Street Dental, we will introduce them to our Tooth Warriors Program. 

James Street Dental has developed this program to encourage kids to develop good dental hygiene habits from early ages. 

WIN !! With the James Street Dental Tooth Warriors program

If your child has no cavities or decay at their check-up visit, they will automatically be entered into our monthly prize draw.   

Prizes include Timezone, mini golf, movie vouchers and more.

Children who do have cavities, can enter the prize draw by participating in the 28 Day Brushing Challenge.

The aim of this challenge is to encourage regular brushing routines by turning brushing time into a game.

How the 28 Day Brushing Challenge works:

·        At their check-up visit, your child is given a 28 Day Brushing Calendar to take home with them.

·        Each family member tries to brush their teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste, once after breakfast and once before bed. 

·        Simply mark off on the 28 Day Brushing Calendar each time teeth are brushed.

·        Once the 28 Day Brushing Challenge is successfully completed, you may like to reward your child with a special prize or treat for marking off all the squares.

Send the completed 28 Day Brushing calendar to:

   James Street Dental, 17 – 19 James Street, Geelong, Vic 3220 or

   take a photo / scan and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Your child will then be entered into the Tooth Warriors monthly prize draw. Good luck!

Why 28 days?

28 days is a habit-forming period, so your child will start to remember to brush their own teeth routinely.  You never know, they may start reminding you to brush your teeth!

Winners !!

The draw will take place on the first business day of every month and winners will be contacted via telephone or email.

Book an appointment for your kids with James Street Dental

James Street Dental offers a great range of general, paediatric and other dental specialties for the whole family. 

We will do our best to find a time that fits in around school, work, sport, music, and all the other activities you and your children are involved with. 

As many of these activities cease in the school holidays, this if often a great time to visit James Street Dental.  We can help you find individual or whole-family appointments. 

Contact us on 03 5229 8721 to book an appointment. 

See you soon!

The James Street Dental Team